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               Carolyn's New Book: A Light In The Mind
Living Your Life Just as It Is

Are you waiting for life to be a little bit different than it is, much of the time? Would you like to feel slightly better, so that then you can finally begin to enjoy your life? In this book, Carolyn Atkinson looks directly at the startling and inspiring practice of living our lives right now—just as they are.

What does it mean to actually inhabit our lives? When we choose to be present in these very lives that we have, we truly are acting courageously. Developing an ongoing willingness to embrace self-acceptance is a profound place of practice. When we cultivate both mindfulness and stillness in our lives, we can discover a place of peace—a light in the mind.

This wonderful book is reviewed by Adam Ko Shin Tebbe on

Click here to order A Light in the Mind: Living Your Life Just as It Is from Bookshop Santa Cruz

Click here to order A Light In The Mind from

Copies of the book can also be obtained by visiting the zendo.



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