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          Carolyn's First Book: Quiet Mind Open Heart
A Practice Period in Meditation

How can we quiet our minds, right in the midst of our everyday lives? How can we open our hearts, in the face of our lifelong habits of grasping and resistance? How can we unwind these habit energies and live more peacefully? This book offers an approach to stillness and openness through two forms of Buddhist meditation: Stillness Abiding (an interpretation of Zen's Shikan-taza), and Vipassana or Mindfulness meditation.

Based on lectures and meditation coaching sessions given during a Practice Period here at Everyday Dharma Zen Center in Santa Cruz, California, the book presents a series of steps toward letting go, calming the mind, and opening the heart. By practicing the cultivation of awareness and abiding in stillness, we can walk a path that will truly help change our lives.

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Copies of the book can be obtained through local Santa Cruz bookstores, through and by visiting the zendo.



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