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These talks were given by Carolyn Atkinson to her students through lectures and discussions. This may change periodically as new recordings replace older ones.


Text Audio No. Date Title
  X   4/07/2013 Fourth Noble Truth: The Eightfold Path
  X   3/03/2013 Third Noble Truth: We Can Lessen Suffering
  X   2/03/2013 Second Noble Truth: Tanha - The Thirst for Something Different


  1/06/2013 First Noble Truth: Dukkha and Sukhka
  ---   10/10/2012 La Selva Beach talk on YouTube:
        Spring 2012 Practice Period
  X   5/13/2012 All-Day Sit Dharma Talk
  X   12/18/2011 The Paradox Around Change
        Fall 2011 Practice Period Recordings
  X   10/02/2011 Stepping Into The Deep End
  X   9/25/2011 In Relationship With Life
  X   11/14/2010 Choosing Kindness
  X   10/28/2010 Talk & Reading at Gateways Books
  X   10/24/2010 Holding Contradiction
  X   04/14/2010 Water Of Our Minds
  X   04/07/2010 April 2010: A Light In The Mind, Chapter 11: Have I Done Enough?
  X   03/24/2010 Open to the Outcome
  X   03/03/2010

March 2010: A Light In The Mind, Chapter 6: Creating Self

  X   02/03/2010 February 2010: Constellating the Self
  X   7/26/2009 Our Heritage with Kobun
  X   7/08/2009 Praise & Blame & Stability
  X   7/01/2009 Stability
  X   6/03/2009 Restraint
  X   5/23/2009 Feelings, Thoughts and Actions
  X   5/20/2009 The Precepts
  X   5/06/2009 Choices
  X   4/01/2009 The Ways In Which We Are Creating Ourselves
  X   3/04/2009 How Do You Know
  X   2/04/2009 Certainty
        Spring Practice Period Recordings
  X   4/23/2008 Self
  X   4/16/2008 Practice Through The Lens of Culture
  X   4/02/2008 Insurance
  X   3/30/2008 Standing Up Again
  X   03/12/2008 Righteous Anger
  X   03/05/2008 No Solution
  X   02/06/2008 Pushing Buttons




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